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The age of marine fishkeeping has recent origins. The popularization of scuba diving opened the undersea world to study and collection. The formulation of synthetic salt mixes, new filtration systems, lighting systems that emulate tropical sunshine and moonlight, allows the land-locked hobbyist to create his own never before seen marine fish aquarium with live colonies of corals!

The saltwater aquarium brings us face-to-face with natures most beautiful fish and undersea life forms. With a daily exhibition provided by astounding coral reef creatures, a sparkling saltwater aquarium can be a dynamic presence in a home, office, or classroom. It can be educational, soothing to observers, and may even become a lifelong passion for the person who creates it. Setting up a saltwater aquarium is an exciting venture, and with some basic preparation and planning it should be neither confusing nor intimidating.

Although there is more steps than establishing a freshwater aquarium, many of the techniques and equipment are the same.

Planning is the logical start to setting up a new saltwater aquarium, although some people see this as a form of homework. The truth is... It ought to be fun! With this site I hope to demonstrate how to plan, equip and establish a saltwater aquarium for those just coming into the hobby as well as help for those who struggle to keep it maintained.

Thanks goes to Fishpics Hawaii and Skip's Underwater Image Gallery for providing some great underwater photography, don't forget to visit these sites at the above links!

If you have any comments or additions that will improve this site, please let us know by contacting Saltwater Aquarium Guide. Thank You!

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